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Our primary concern is our clients’ well-being, which is why we do not charge them for any of our services. Read about our services and contact us if you have any questions!

Pregnancy Testing

Early signs of pregnancy do not necessarily mean indicate a pregnancy. Stress and other factors might be the true cause of those symptoms. That is why it is important to get accurate results from the free pregnancy testing we offer in our center.


An ultrasound image is used to determine how far along a woman is in her pregnancy, detect a fetal heartbeat, and gauge a few other important factors during the early stages of pregnancy.

STD Testing & Treatment

STD testing will decrease a woman’s chances of health risks, such as serious infections and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. We provide free testing for common sexually transmitted diseases.

For Men

We are aware that unplanned pregnancies are tough on guys, too. That’s why we offer education and support to help men through this process.

Dad-to-Dad Mentoring

These are dads who have been through pregnancies, so they are equipped with the knowledge to help answer all questions that visitors of our center may have.

Parenting Classes

At Richland Pregnancy Center, we offer free parenting classes for men, women, and couples facing unexpected pregnancies. We want to provide future parents with the resources and knowledge they need to prepare for their children.

Mom-to-Mom Mentoring

Our mom-to-mom mentoring program gives women the unique opportunity to receive guidance and advice from fellow moms. They are able to address questions and concerns about motherhood.


Our Boutique is available to make sure women in need have the materials they need to prepare for their pregnancy and the birth of their child.

Post-Abortion Support

Abortion impacts men and women alike. We want to let them know that they are not alone. Our caring staff is here to stand with women and men to help them on their journey towards recovery.

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