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We want to thank you for the support of «Church» through the Change for Life Baby Bottle fundraiser. This is an important annual fundraiser for the ministry of Richland Pregnancy Services. The Baby Bottles provide more than $30,000 annually to support RPS.

This year, we were not able to complete the baby bottle campaign at most churches due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has left us approximately $20,000 short of our goal and budgeted amount.

Richland Pregnancy Services has continued to serve clients throughout the pandemic. We have remained opened each and every day as scheduled. Abortion clinics have also remained open and we have been here to consistently offer a life-affirming alternative.

We know that many churches have not been able to re-open their doors just yet and we wanted to provide you with an easy alternative for your congregation to support Richland Pregnancy Services. We have launched the Virtual Baby Bottle! You can help us fill the virtual baby bottle! 

  1. Visit the Change for Life – Fill the Bottle Campaign page and click the “Give” button.
  2. Choose your church’s name
  3. Give generously to support Richland Pregnancy Services!

Please share this information with those who attend your church so that they can help us reach our goal and fill the $20,000 gap!

Consider contributing to our life-saving baby bottle campaign! You can help us serve women and men in need by providing resources and information they need to feel empowered to choose life.

About Change for Life

Change for Life is a baby bottle campaign, which involves filling baby bottles with money to support our mission. Baby bottle campaigns are a valuable link from our center to our church partners. You can launch your own baby bottle campaign at your church to increase awareness and raise funds to support our mission. This is a great way to involve the community and let them know more about our life-saving work.

How the Campaign Works

We choose a month for the campaign (March of 2020 in this case) and get it scheduled. We then share the campaign with our partners, promoting it so we can maximize funds raised. Then we distribute bottles and generally give the areas 6 weeks to collect donations. After that time, someone from our center will gather the bottles and report back with the amount raised.

Suggested Start Dates

  • Sanctity of Human Life Sunday – January 19, 2020
  • Mother’s Day – May 10, 2020
  • Father’s Day – June 21, 2020
  • Respect Life Month – October

If you would like to learn more about Change for Life and get involved, contact us today!

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